How To Fix Wsus Not Downloading Service Packs

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    You may run into the error that wsus will not download service packs. There are several ways to fix this problem, so we’ll look at them shortly. Service packs are where you get the most out of your WSUS deployment. Local storage makes problems much faster. This is especially useful if you are actually setting up a new computer in a domain that has a single SP behind it.

    I have one WSUS server on Windows Server 2012 R2 ( build 9600), and the WSUS server is 6.3.9600.17477

    How do I fix clients not showing up in WSUS console?

    Make sure your person has the correct IPs connected to your DNS servers configured via the properties of the network card, absolutely not, it’s time to add it !!

    WSUS successfully synchronizes with Microsoft every lifetime, but for a long time (two months) clients did not receive updates, and the retention time for WSUS updates did not change minimally (nothing new was downloaded),

    All clients are at least Windows 10 1607, and some were manually updated to 1703 because WSUS did not provide the 1703 update.

    wsus not downloading service packs

    I have already confirmed thatKB3095113 and KB3159706 installed the server.

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  • Content file program error.
    Cause: The file certificate could not be verified.
    Source file: /c/msdownload/update/software/updt/2017/02/
    Target file: C: WSUS WsusContent A2 3D69CE9A1DD46AE3B7BB22A217F972DE0425EBA2. Taxi

    We are a small company with almost 100 users. Right now, we’re using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to help you get updates for everyone. Because Microsoft changed the way Service Packs (Anniversary Update, Developer Upgrade, and Fall Creator Update) work in Windows 10, we cannot use this Windows Update Assistant to deliver updates. computer, seriously, as soon as we approved the update The product suite in WSUS. When we pull computers out of WSUS, the service pack updates will be installed without any problem.

    wsus not downloading service packs

    Right now, our IT department really takes care of each computer individually, combined with the launch of Windows Update Assistant. For our number of users, this usually takes a long time. We are concerned that the above approach to expanding our website may not be as user-friendly as our website requires.

    Does anyone else have problems here and how do you foresee them?


    HOW TO force WSUS to re-download fixes in one go

    How do I force WSUS to download updates?

    Go to Option and click Update Files and Languages. Select “Save update files locally on this Key-Fact server” on the Update Files tab. Select Download Express Installation Files. Select “Download features in these languages ​​only” and select all required languages ​​from the list.

    WSUS content encrypted by ransomware on another server. Yes … it’s legal 🙂 I helped solve what problem in the environment. It was a typical ransomware that used open SMB shares and encrypted all possible credentials on the attacked device. One of the elements of the affected network was WSUS content. Fortunately, the data was lost. In general, this is unconditional , problem. Remove old content and upload new content. But the question was how to reboot the WSUS Server tablets after uninstalling them? Let’s define a complete way to solve this kind of problem.


    The task is simple. To get rid of the old encrypted content and download the new one, follow these steps:

    1. Find and stop typing WSUS companies in Powershell:
       Get-Service wsus * 
    2. You can see all suitable services. The real single is WsusService. To stop people, enter:

      Why is WSUS not downloading updates?

      There are two reasons for this. First check the product where your WSUSContent folder is located. If there is no more space, this WSUS server has nowhere to store updates. The second but most likely problem is that the WSUS database is fragmented in the manual, and SQL queries and updates are frequently timed out.

       Stop WsusService 
    3. Go to the WSUS content folder to delete all encrypted content
    4. Run WSUS Help in Powershell:
       Start WsusService 
    5. Use WsusUtil to prompt the WSUS server to download the updates again. A type
       reset wsusutil 

      The Wsusutil.exe tool can be purchased from the Program path under Files Update Services Tools. So go ahead and then run the wsusutil reset command.

    Powershell commands to restart WSUS on your machine and force export content

    After a few minutes, navigate to the WSUS content folder and check if the new folder appears. A new tree with content should already be created. The time it takes to download all of their content depends on the number of patches available and the available system bandwidth. It’s a good idea to plan this event for the weekend.

    New folders with already loaded ingredients are visible
    Additional information

    The WsusUtil tool has many important uses. One of them has already been posted on my blog “Moving WSUS Content from the Marketplace to Another Hard Drive.” To see everything related to switches, consult Microsoft for documentation and read the excellent article: Managing WSUS 3.0 SP2 from the Command Line. Here is a complete description of the reset switch used in most cases:

    You use this command when you want to store updates locally on your WSUS system and want to make sure that the metadata information stored in the best WSUS database is in rna.

    – Using our command, you verify that each line of publish metadata in the WSUS directory matches the update files that are no doubt stored in the local update image location on your WSUS server. If the update files are missing or damaged, WSUS will download most of the update files again. This command can be very useful to run after someone has restored your database, or as a first step in troubleshooting approval messages.
    – Syntax: Wsusutil reset

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