Troubleshooting Steps For UEFI Issues In Windows 8 Operating System Not Found

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the restoration process
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    You should check out these troubleshooting tips when you get Windows 8 uefi not found operating system error on your PC. Also, if you installed Windows 10/8 on an MBR disk, it will not be able to boot in UEFI mode. If you’re getting an “OS not found or not found” error after booting, try changing the disk mode from Legacy to UEFI or even disable UEFI and secure boot, this might solve your problem.

    Error Message “Operating System Not Found” Or “Operating System Missing”

    When you start your computer, if the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) cannot find the operating system, you should definitely see the above error messages. This may be due to one or more of the following errors:

    1. The BIOS does not recognize the Windows installation disc.

    3. The MBR (Master Boot Record) of disk sector 0 is incorrect or corrupted.

    4. The whole wrong partition, or even the one marked as active in terms of MBR.

    7 Solutions To Fix Windows 10/7/8/Vista/XP Not Found/Missing

    How do you fix an operating system wasn’t found Try disconnecting any drives in Windows 10?

    Try unplugging a few drives that don’t have an awesome operating system installed. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to help you restart” in Windows 10, Windows 3 or 8.1.

    In accordance with the fact that the operating system may not have detected an error, there are 7 procedures, each ofwhich eliminates the error of the lack of an operating system.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • Notes. Some necessary information will help you to be extremely careful, and any small mistake can lead to data loss. If you are not familiar with the methods below, please contact our specialists or your manufacturer.

    Solution 1: Check Your BIOS Settings To See If The Hard Drive Is Detected

    1. Restart your computer and press a certain key (usually F12, F10, Esc, Del, etc.) to enter the BIOS.

    2. Check the main BIOS tab to see if Windows recognizes the installation disk. These are primary master, primary slave, secondary master, secondary slave, etc.

    If basic hard disk information is displayed, the BIOS has recognized the hard disk. Then you need to restart the private and see if it can run the formatter or not.

    If they often show up as “None” or “Not Detected”, it means that the BIOS cannot find the hard drive. There are several possible reasons; They are listed below with their respective solutions:

  • Nep ServiceCable bandwidth is fixed: reconnect the data cable or replace it with a new one.

  • Disk interface indeed denied: switch “None” to “Auto”, highlight the persistent disk option and press Enter; select “Auto” if available.

  • The CD on your hard drive is corrupted: see the solution to fix the Windows 10 operating system barely found error.

  • Solution 2: Check Your Hard Drive For Bad Sectors

    A hard drive replacement diagnostic tool is built into the BIOS to check the primary hard drive. However, it depends on the motherboard, only some types have tool type, such as HP laptop.

    If the test shows that the hard drive is damaged, you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement free of charge (if the hard drive is not under warranty) or at an additional cost.

    Before you waste your drive, it’s important to back up important information and facts and wipe your drive in case of a data leak. If you do have another working machine, you can remove it hard drive, so connect it to a working laptop and follow these steps. If not, you can rely on the boot disk to boot the failed system and delete your real data.

    windows 8 operating system not found uefi

    If your drive is having problems, try the solution below.

    Solution 3: Reset Your BIOS To Participate

    Sometimes, due to incorrect or incorrect settings in the BIOS, the operating system may never be found. Therefore, resetting the BIOS to its actual state can fix this error.

    windows 8 operating system not found uefi

    On the Exit BIOS tab, select the Load Optimized Defaults, Load Defaults, or Get Defaults check box. €, etc.

    After successfully loading the default settings, select Save Changes and Exit.

    How do I fix UEFI no bootable device?

    Start Automatic Repair.Run the troubleshooter.Run an SFC scan.Make sure you are using UEFI.Make sure none of the cables have been overstretched.Disconnect USB devices.Set the hard drive as the first boot device.Repair MBR.

    If this issue is not resolved with the missing operating system, try using the resolution documents below.

    Solution 4: Run Automatic Repair

    The automatic repair built into Windows can cause problems with the startup process incertain cases. Here you need to prepare the theme and Windows installation disc or Windows recovery disc.

    1. Boot from the Windows installation disc or Windows recovery disc.

    2. Select language, time and keyboard input and proceed to “Next”.

    Automatic recovery of really complex discs and waiting for production. If it fails again, be patient and try the second solution.

    Solution 5: Restore Master Boot Data – Rebuild MBR

    Both poorly handled virus attacks can damage the MBR, which first finds the primary disk (usually sector 0) in the market. So Windows should not start. Luckily, you can repair the MBR from the Windows command line, possibly with a third-party program such as the free AOMEI Partition Assistant.

    1. Select “Command Prompt” in the sixth step of Solution 4 above.

    How do I fix operating system not found in Windows no bootable device?

    Check BIOS.Usually resets the bios.Recovery of boot records. Microsoft Windows primarily uses three sets of information to boot a computer.Enable or disable UEFI Secure Boot.Activate the Windows partition.Use Easy Recovery Essentials.

    Advice. In addition to the MBR, Windows can stop working due to two other boot records: DBR (DOS Boot Record) and BCD (Boot Configuration Database). So you’d better manage those two boot entries, for example,type “bootrec /fixboot” in addition to “bootrec /rebuildbcd”.

    How do you fix a computer that says no operating system found?

    Restart your computer frequently.Press the desired key to make the BIOS menu more accessible.If you see multiple keys on the screen, look for the key that will open the BIOS, Setup, or BIOS menus.Check the main screen for that particular BIOS to see if it recognizes getting hardware and satisfies the boot order if installedattached correctly.

    Your partition table may be corrupted by these commands if you are currently experiencing a virus or hardware problem on your hard drive. These sales orders may use the hard drive to create inaccessible partitions. Therefore, before working with it, you can run a virus scan. In addition, you can move important data or create these types of backups. In any case, is there a safer way to restore the MBR?

    1. Firstly, AOMEI Partition Assistant installs on any other healthy computer and creates the best bootable USB with it. AOMEI Partition Assistant automatically integrates into any bootable media, just like AOMEI Backupper, a professional and reliable backup and recovery software.

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