Fixed Win32 Selection Example

Today’s guide was created to help you when you receive an example Win32 Select error message.

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    InThe select function determines the current state of one or more sockets and waits for synchronous I/O as needed.


     intWSAAPI select(  [in] int nfds,  [enabled, disabled] fd_set *readfds,  [enabled, disabled] fd_set *writefds,  [on, off] fd_set *except fds,  [in] const timeval *timeout);


    win32 select example

    Ignored. The nfds option is included in sockets for Berkeley compatibility only.

    An optional pointer to a set of sockets to check for readability.

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  • Additional advice on creating sockets for testing writability.

    An optional pointer to this socket to check for errors.

    Maximum time forIn the meantime, choose in the form belowThe TIMEVAL structure. The timeout parameter is set to zero to block operations.

    Return Value

    InThe select event returns the total number of ready and held socket descriptors infd_set structures, null if timeout expired, or SOCKET_ERROR if an error occurred. If the rewind value is Can soticket_error,wsagetlasterror to get a specific error code.

    Error code Value
    SuccessBefore using this function, you must make a call to WSAStartup.
    The Windows Sockets implementation failed to allocate resources for its internal operations, and sometimes the readfds, writefds, excludefds, possibly timeval options are not part of the user’s address space.
    The network subsystem returns errors.
    The timeout value is not the current value, or all three handles were null specifications.
    Windows 1.1 blocking socket gave us a call that was droppedWSACancelBlockingCall.
    A Windows 1.1 socket filtering call is in progress, and there may be some progress, the service provider is still handling the callback function.
    One of these descriptors indicates that the street is notrogue point.

    win32 select example

    InThe select function is explicitly used to determine the state of one or more sockets. For almost every socket, the caller can request important read, write, or error status information. The socket group for which, in the opinion of experts, the status is requested is always marked with the iconStructure fd_set. Shells it containsThe fd_set structures must be associated with a product from the same vendor. For the purposes of this limitation, connectors are considered to come from the same service provider if theyThe WSAPROTOCOL_INFO structures that describe their protocols currently have the same providerId value. On return, some structures are updated to reflect how a subset of these sockets satisfies the specified condition. vThe select function returns the number of sockets that match the condition type. Surely a number of macros are designed to manipulatefd_set structure. These macros are compatible with those in Berkeley software, but our own base representation is completely different.

    readfd options indicates that sockets should normally be checked for readability. The socket is currently inlisten state, it is marked as readable when an incoming connection request is received through it.Accept is guaranteed without interruption. For other sockets, readability means that the queued data is searchable, so the call is made.Receive,WSARecv,WSARecvFrom orrecvfrom often guarantees no blocking.

    For connection-oriented sockets, readability can also indicate that many socket close requests have been received from the expert. If the virtual channel did not open properly and all data was used, thenrecv returns immediately when null bytes are read. If the selected net has been reset, thenrecv will immediately run the program with errors likeALLSAVE. The presence of OOB data is checked if the SO_OOBINLINE socket option has been activated at all (seesetsockopt).Settings

    writefds identifies the sockets to test the writeCall connect (non-blocking), withThe socket was still writable if the connection setup was successful. If the socket definitely handlesConnect the challenge, the describability turns intosend,submit are orWSASendto is guaranteed to succeed. However, you can block a restrictive socket if the len parameter exceeds the amount of available barrier space on the outgoing system. It is not easy to state in detail that these guarantees can be valid, especially in a multi-threaded environment.

    The exceptionfds parameter specifies the sockets that are checked for OOB data or miscalculation exception conditions. Descriptor

    readnotebookexcept fdszerozerozeroThe

    set must contain at least a socket descriptor.

    Summarizing, a socket is defined by a specific phrase whenSelect tax returns if:

  • Iflisten has been called and nesting a is expected,accept can certainly work.
  • Data is readable (including OOB SO_OOBINLINE data if enabled).
  • Connection already closed/reset but/broken.
  • notebook

  • When processingConnect Connect to (non-blocking), connection succeeded.
  • Data can be checked before submission.
  • except fds

  • On treatmentCall us (no blocking), connection attempt failed.
  • OOB data is provided (read-only if SO_OOBINLINE needs to be disabled).
  • In your current Winsock 2 header file, there are four defined macros for manipulating h with checking for a set of descriptors. The FD_SETSIZE move object defines the maximum number of descriptors in a set. (the FD_SETSIZE override value is 64, you can usually change this by setting FD_SETSIZE to a different value before including Winsock2.h.Internal ) Socket descriptors are great.

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