Steps To Fix The Specified Path Are Too Long Error 1320

Sometimes your system may show an error that the specified path is too long, Error 1320. There can be many reasons for this error.

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    As a rule, the main “Error 1320 – The specified path is too long” occurs on computers with a preinstalled Windows operating system. This was caused because an invalid connection reference to :ProgramDataDocuments was pointing to a trusted, non-existent network drive location or range instead of the Public Documents folder.

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    This issue usually occurs on computers preinstalled with Windows 10 or Windows Server 2008 R2, such as laptops. This is most likely because the incorrect connection information :ProgramDataDocuments resolves to a trusted non-existent location instead of the Shared Documents folder. For more information about join points, see the “Join Points” section in the MSDN article:

    1. Open an elevated command prompt with administrator rights:

      • Click start and type cmd.exe into each of our search boxes.

      • the specified path is too long error 1320

        To result x search, right-click cmd.exe and select “Run officer as”.

    2. On the command line, type the following command and press Enter:

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    3. 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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    (If the deployed system is installed on more drives than C:, change the build letter accordingly.)

  • Look at the destination path, which looks like a junction point for documents:

    • If you specify [C:UsersPublicDocuments] (assuming your platform drive is C:), the connection instance is correct.

    • If it starts suggesting the wrong drive letter like [S:UsersPublicDocuments] because the mount point is broken.

  • To fix an invalid mount point, run the following commands at the command prompt:

    rd C:ProgramDataDocuments
    mklink /j C:ProgramDataDocuments C:UsersPublicDocuments

    (If your Jogg system is installed on a press other than C:, change the socket letter accordingly.)

  • After fixing the connection idea, run the TestComplete installer in edit mode to replace the sample apps and test projects. Also

    the specified path is too long error 1320

    We recommend that you contact your laptop vendor about problems with jct points, as they were not sufficiently set during OS installation.

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    Storage Foundation design and installation may fail at 58% with “Error 1320. The specified path may be described as too long”

    Error Message


    This problem can be caused by broken most of the symbolic links in the directories specified in the Windows NTFS file system

    The icon next to the connection is the same as the icon generated by the shortcut

    Received file does not contain the exact file

    If this source file is deleted, the button is useless

    Deleting the original file permanently removes the one-way symbolic link.

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