How To Fix Saeco Primea Error Code Easily

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    If you are getting a saeco primea error code, today’s guide has been written to help you.


    Turn the device off and after 30 minutes just turn it back on

    Close the lid of the bean container to make coffee

    In order to guarantee the operation of the machine, the front door

    Open the side door and empty the drip tray

    This trouble code guide is for those who want to try repairing their Saeco espresso machine after purchasing their own. As you will see, Saeco/Philips parts are available for DIY repair and maintenance.

    I ezah=”250″ wanted to list all the Saeco/Philips errors, along with some other advice about possible heart problems such errors can cause. I have seen this particular error quite a few times, but the cause of this error is not necessarilywhat she shows. In addition, I will try to give you the most accurate description of what your family can do to correct the new error.

    Please note that these error codes now only apply to machines with a digital display. Let’s get started!

    Here is a list of possible errors that could cause this, including possible solutions.

  • Sanding machine E01 blocked
  • Crushing blocks model E02 Primea
  • E03 The brew unit is locked.
  • E04 Brew block stuck at home
  • E05 water cycle interrupted
  • E06 DC valve short circuit
  • E07 Dispenser microswitch blocked.
  • E08 Cappuccinatore valve blocked – Primea
  • E09 Communication error between CPU and PowerModel blocked
  • Temp. coffee E10 Primea. Coffee circuit short circuit sensor
  • e11 Temperature sensor failure
  • Short circuit of the boiler E12
  • E13 Open circuit steam boiler
  • Coffee brewing delay in boiler E14
  • Steam retention in the boiler E15
  • E16 coffee group short circuit
  • Error E17
  • E18 Hard disk clock error
  • Transfer Code through zero E19
  • E20 Coffee boiler overheating
  • Cup lift error E20
  • E24 BU encoder
  • Error: Grinder E01 Blocked

    This happens when the burrs (knives) of your current grinder become clogged. In this case, the machine will stop when the machine asks the user to make coffee or coffee. There can only be three scenarios for this problem, and there are a few things to check.

    There Is At Least One Situation: Your Coffee Grinder Is Not Purring Or Spinning

    If your current grinder is humming like it’s about to start grinding, but isn’t getting their attention, consider unlocking that grinder.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • To empty the grinder, first remove all beans from the grinder. Use a vacuum cleaner to visualize the area and inspect the grinder for very hard material stuck between the burrs. In the past, I have removed many rough objects from the grinder, including nails, slabs, glass, plastic, and even earthenware that have broken off a burr and clogged the grinder.

    If you are nothing If you don’t see it, rotate the grinder just enough to separate the top from the grinder and stop cleaning the area. Once it’s clean, put it back on and try to make a good grinder and see if the grinder moves and keeps running (trying to grind)

    You will get an error about adding to help with the beans. In this case, it’s only a good sign that you’ve cleared the jam and can try the device with the product and get an espresso to test it before your company fully assembles it. At this point it should be clear what is blocking the grinder (note that in this case your grinder will hum faster if it fails)

    Your Situation 2: The Grinder Starts And Stops After 2-3 Seconds

    saeco primea error code

    I’ve seen him a few times, but rarely. Your grinder will start but stop 2-3 seconds after grinding pinto beans in the hopper. Your machine is running in E01.

    I won’t write much about this fix on this website as it will replace Some sort of chopping mechanism, which is also implemented and explained in the following script.

    Situation 3: Saeco Doesn’t Work Because I Press Espresso

    saeco primea error code

    In this release, this machine normally starts up in ready mode and everything seems to be fine, but when you press for this espresso machine, yes, E01 disappears. Without delay, he simply goes into debt. I would like people to reboot the machine (unplug and plug it back in) and switch to all the pre-ground coffee options, like pouring pre-ground coffee and making their own espresso. If the machine is brewing espresso, it confirms that customers need a new grinder motor, and thus probably not much of a problem.

    It is not difficult to eliminate the meat grinder engine if you disassemble it a little. You don’t have to buy a complete grinder, you can buy the motor yourself. The car is available for purchase on the ECS Coffee website for 90 Canadian dollars.

    Situation 4: Problem With The Grinder

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