Fix: How To Fix Reinstalling Macbook Air Mountain Lion

If you get an error message about reinstalling your Macbook Air Mountain Lion, check out these repair guidelines.

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    Restart your primary computer and immediately hold Command-r until the gray Apple mark appears.When prompted, select your core vocabulary and click the arrow.Click Reinstall OS X, then click Next.



    MacBookProfessional, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), Internet Recovery Reinstall the operating system

    What are the system requirements for Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

    Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is available for older systems that are not compatible with the latest version of macOS and requires the following: OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8, Lion 10.7, or Mountain Lion 10.8 already installed. Some features require an Apple ID. ; Terms and conditions apply. Some features require a compatible ISP; Additional fees may apply.

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    I am working on a factory reset 2010 MacBook Pro. I erase from the hard drive a lot in the beginning. Unfortunately, I made our “master drive” including the Macintosh HD work, then it was tested and simply “repaired”. I realize this ruined the good chances of a fresh install (most of the latest versionOS I installed) BUT that also prevents me from using the original OS X Mountain Lion! I am the FIRST and ONLY owner. I have 2 Apple IDs: the one I originally used because I bought them (now for your kids’ devices) and my personal ID, which experts say was also used on this MacBook for operating system updates. I’ve tried both of them several times, over 2 periods of 24 hours! I saw others comment on “bought secondhand” or “gotten wholly from family,” and the instructions were to invest in the original Apple ID, which I mostly kept trying and sometimes the last one used. Both don’t work! What is a FIX if it is NOT a pre-installed computer and I have / are using the original Apple ID? Shouldn’t there be a link to the site to download it? Technical Support Who can remotely access and overwrite an item? I called twice. I have a bunch of tickets and even a senior software engineer told me that he expected this to be a problem with myBy Apple’s discovery! Although he now sends me a great disk (for reference on those with the same problem) to try and fix the problem manually, it will also take a few evenings. My family started switching to Apple products around 2010 and buying thousands upon thousands of dollars using the growing editions (for another article). This fix is ​​urgently needed as I am facing a major repair that is needed for the recently released MacBook Air and iMac. PLEASE help / suggest me (us) another alternative to get rid of Apple OS and work with Internet / Quick Fix option.

    How to reset Mac OS X Mountain Lion to factory settings?

    1. Press Alt + On / Off b. Select Utilities -> Erase Macintosh HD. 3. Reinstall Mountain Lion OS X over the Internet. After trying to finally install OS X Lion and just enter my Apple ID, I got one withError Message: “This model is temporarily unavailable.

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