How To Find A File In Windows And How To Restore It?

In this article, we are going to uncover some of the possible reasons that might cause the file not to be found in Windows and then we will offer you the possible recovery methods that you can try to solve this problem.

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    Search outside the taskbar: Enter the name of the document (or the keyword it contains) in the search box next to the taskbar.Browse File Explorer: Open File Explorer from the taskbar and right-click the Start Menu, select File Explorer, then select a website from the left pane to browse or explore.

    how to find a file in windows

    If you’ve recently opened the file on your computer, it may be easier to find it using the Common Caffeine Documents feature.


    You can use the period keys to scroll up or down to the application, file, document, or style you want to view, but press Enter to open it.


    Most likely, you will use the arrow keys to point up or down to a convenient application, file, document, option, or you want to viewand press Enter to successfully close it.


    To find a file above a specific drive, click the drive under Computer or This PC in the left navigation pane. Then enter the name of the file you want to search for in the search field.

    Windows 10’s start menu can be searched in our files, but Microsoft seems to be more interested in promoting Bing and other online search features these days. While Windows still has powerful search capabilities, it’s harder to find a contact, and you might want to consider third-party artillery instead.

    Start Menu (and Cortana)

    The Start Menu Search feature is handled by Cortana compared to Windows 10, and in addition, it searches Bing and other web sources, as well as Submissions on the local PC.

    How do I search for a file in a folder?

    To find files in File Explorer, open File Explorer and use the search field at the end of the address bar. Just tap or click to open File Explorer. The search looks in all folders and therefore in subfolders of a library or folder that you can view. When you tap or click in the search box, the Search Tools tab appears.

    In basic Windows 10, you actually click the My Stuff button and search to find only your PC. This feature has been removed in this Anniversary Update. There is no way to help you just browse directories on your local PC while browsing your PC – not yours, if You can’t disable Cortana through the registry.

    You can still use the launcher to simply search for files. Find a file stored in a well-indexed location and it should appear somewhere in the list.

    This won’t necessarily work because the start menu only searches in indexed locations, and because of your system it will never be possible to search in other areas here without adding something to the index.

    How do I search my computer for a file?

    Press the Windows key to open the Windows Start screen.Start with the keyboard skills that are part of the filename that everyone wants to find. As you score points, the results are plastered for your search.Click the drop-down menu above the search text box and select this file option.The search results are displayed below the search text box.

    By default, the Start menu looks for everything it can: indexed files, Bing, OneDrive, the Windows Store, and other places on the Internet. You can certainly customize this by simply clicking the Filter button and selecting Documents, Folders, Photos, or Videos. p>

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • The problem is that there is no way to search only your local files. All of these styles are narrow and include slots like your OneDrive.

    How do I search for files on Windows 10?

    Click on that important WIN thing or select the search bar called from the bottom left corner of your current taskbar next to the Start buttonTo”.Start typing the exact name of the file, application, maybe some other item you’re looking for, sorry, don’t press Enter just yet.Statistics appear immediately.

    CONNECTION: How to help you choose which files Windows Search will index on your PC

    To improve the latter, select “Filter” from the menu, and then click the “Select Locations” button at the bottom of the menu. You can select search locationsabout the index. Windows automatically scans and tracks these versions by creating a search index that works when you search from the Start menu. Can index data in default user account folders and therefore nothing more.


    If you’re often annoyed by the Start menu’s search function, ignore this fact and go to File Explorer if you need a working search. In File Explorer navigate to the specific folder you want to find. For example, if you only want to search within the Downloads folder, open the specific Downloads folder. If you want to search the entire C: drive, head to C:.

    Then type your search term in the box in the upper right corner of the window and press Enter. If you’re looking for a spider site, you’ll get results instantly. (You’ll make this a little faster if you tell Windows to always search as you type in File Explorer.)

    If the type of location you are looking for is not indexed (for example, if you are searching the entire C: drive), you will see a progress bar explaining that Windowssearches for all formats in file checks. keeps track of which ones match your query.

    You can easily narrow down the list by clicking on the main Search tab on the ribbon, and using the various options to specify the file type, size, and properties you’re looking for.


    Note that when retrieving from non-indexed locations, Windows looks for filenames first, not file contents. To change this, click the “More Options” button and make sure you get “File Content”. Windows will work harder to search and find words in MP3s, but this may take longer.

    To have Windows index more directory folders, click Advanced Options > Edit Indexed Locations and add the folder you want. This is the same index that is available for the search function in the start menu.

    Everything, 3rd party tool

    how to find a file in windows

    If you’re not happy with the built-in Windows tools, look for ways to avoid them and use a third-party tool. There are quite a few good ones inside, but we love everything – and yes, it’s free.

    All p Quite, but very fast. It creates a search index every time you use it, so you can start searching and it should work right away. It should be able to index most PCs in just a few minutes. It is a small, lightweight application that uses available system resources. Like many other incredibly good Windows tools that are also available as a portable application.

    How do I find a file quickly?

    Open Windows Explorer (hold down the Windows key on your keyboard, type “E”, then generate a Windows key).Select a location in the left window.Move the PC mouse pointer over the search field in the upper right corner of the desktop screen and press the left mouse button.

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