Best Way To Fix Gdb Debug Apache Php Issues

Over the past few days, some readers have come across a known bug in gdb debug apache php. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. We will review them below.

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    PHP Crash Notification

    There is no absolute reason to know that PHP is failing, but there may be signs.Typically, when you access a page that is expected to always be processing (ie.the previous HTML block), the message “Document contains little data” also suddenly appears.In your browser, this may mean that PHP is failing somewhere along the line.scenario. Another way to find out if PHP is failing is to look at Apache.Error logs and additionally after (Apache segv 1.2) and segfault (Apache1.3).


    To get a very accurate traceback with the correct information, PHP needs to be configured.--enable-debug!

    If You Don’t Already Have A Main File:

  • Remove any layers from your shell that you might lose due to kernel size:
  • tcsh: Unlimited core dump
  • bash/sh: ulimit -cUnlimited
  • Make sure the type of directory you are running PHP in, or PHP has enabled httpd has write permissions to create a user working with PHP.
  • PHP crash:
  • PHP CGI: SimpleQuit Perl with a script that doesn’t work
  • Run Apache PHP module: httpd -X and access script causing PHP crash
  • A Great General Way To Always Get A Kernel On Linux

  • Set up the kernel (run this command as root):
  • echo “/core-%e.%p” > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern
  • Make sure PHP allows writing to the specified directory.
  • Set ulimit (more info).
  • Restart/start PHP.
  • After that, any process that crashed your system and injected PHP will be logged out.core from the directory where you specified core_pattern.

    After Your Organization Receives The Main File:

  • Run gdb with the path to httpd php or a compatible php binary above that path. to the base file. Some examples:
  • gdb /usr/local/apache/sbin/httpd /usr/local/apache/sbin/core
  • gdb /home/user/dev/php-snaps/sapi/cli/php /home/user/dev/testing/core
  • On the gdb command line, run:
  • (gdb)bt
  • If You Can’t Get This Main File:

  • Run httpd -X for gdb like this:
  • gdb /usr/local/apache/sbin/httpd
  • (gdb) works with -X
  • Then use your mobile web browser and access the server to resolve the issue. she should look for the gdb prompt and some posts pointing to this became a disaster. At this point gdb type:
  • (gdb)bt
  • or maybe one that is run from the command line

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