Solving The Problem With File Icons In Windows XP

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    You may have encountered an error code while displaying file icons in Windows XP. It turns out that there are several different ways to solve this problem, which we will talk about a little later. Right click on the desktop and select Properties. However, on the Desktop tab, you must click the Personalize Desktop button. In the “Desktop Elements” dialog box, you can select one of the icons, and also click the “Change Icon” button. Now just click the browse button and select the symbol file you want.

    Changing icons in Windows XP is a very simple process that can be started with just a few clicks. We’re going to look at two more methods for changing icons – these are separate shortcuts on a better desktop, and changing the icon for any file of different types.

    Change Individual Desktop Icons

    Where are icons in Windows XP?

    Before Windows XP, most of the icons are found in Shell32. dll. Some explorer related icons actually accumulate in Explorer.exe. Beginning with Windows Vista, icons are saved according to the image.

    How do I get my icons back on my desktop Windows XP?

    Right click on the desktop and select Properties.Click the Desktop tab.Click Personalize Desktop.Also click the General tab and then click the icons that everyone wants to be placed on a specific desktop.Click on OK.

    With this method you will probably be able to change the icon (s) as each item will be displayed on your PCindividually.

    1. Right-click the desktop icon that users want to change.
    2. Click Properties.
    3. Opens the original window, displaying the various elements in the link. Find and click the Change Icon button.
    4. Another window will open showing your company’s selection for the new symbol. Select the icon you want and just click “OK”.
    5. You should view the Human Properties window. Click OK.
    6. The icon of the selected shortcut will change.

    Edit World Famous File For All Perfectly Safe Type Files

    This method allows you to change the icon for any application of a specific type (for example, almost any .txt file). After restoring your changes, whatever main file type you intend to edit will require a new icon that you actually selected.

    1. Click the Start button.
    2. Click My Computer.
    3. Press “Tools” on the screen to select “File”, “Edit”, etc.
    4. Click Options Folders “.
    5. This will likely open a new window with many tabs at the top. Click the Files of Type tab.
    6. After your computer, you will see a list of all file types. Click once on the style of files for which someone wants to change the icon.
    7. Click the Advanced button at the bottom of the window frame (using OK and Cancel).
    8. An incredible window will open. Click all the symbols you want and click OK.
    9. Click OK again to close the Folder Options window and save your changes.
    10. A new symbol is now used for all information of the type you selected.

    How do I create an icon in Windows XP?

    Right-click an empty space on the current desktop.Click Properties.Click the Desktop tab.Click Personalize Desktop.Select the icons you want to display on the desktop.Click on OK.

    Change the default icon folders for files and programs
    (Windows XP Home and Professional Edition)

    When you changeWindows file, file, or program icons. This is very easy to do. vComplete this guide, we will give you some links to places where you cancan export free icons (no adware or spyware of course). Or you can start your own businessIdentify yourself with your own digital images or with help a good graphics editorlike Irfanview or many others. If you would like to learn how to successfully create your own symbols, check out