Troubleshoot And Resolve The Chicago Emergency Alert Error

You may encounter an error indicating an emergency alert error in Chicago. There are different ways to solve this problem, and this is what we will discuss now.

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    CHICAGO (CBS) – Chicago officials immediately apologized Monday afternoon after some residents received emergency assistance to alert their phones of criminal activity.

    The warning turned out to be a test, and an error occurred.

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    The warning issued at 3:30 pm reads: “Test: Read: CPD activity in your area. Stay inside. Expand the note. OEMC.Twitter in Chicago – Users across the city have reported receiving your notification.

    While many Twitter users thought it was just a test, others posted messages of concern or confusion on Twitter.

    Nobody sees the cover … but @Chicago_Police sent some kind of notification. It is legal?

    – Betty Fran (@maryfran) July 22, 2019

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    What’s wrong with the emergency notification. @ Chicago_Police? Do I really need to stay inside or is this #justatest? It’s very confusingif you do not provide any information!

    – Enrico Bellomo (@ n9tt4ny) July 22, 2019

    Late Monday night, a police officer and the Chicago Department of Emergency Situations and Communications tweeted an apology for the warning. Twitter reported that the news was posted in error. Sorry

    emerengcy alert error chicago

    We are for breaking the previous * test * warning about CPD activity in the city, which was sent by mistake. Ignore the message.

    – OEMC Chicago (@ChicagoOEMC) Jul 22, 2019

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  • Notify Chicago is a small city service that provides residents with written text messages and / or email notifications for urgent and non-urgent matters in their membership that will be posted throughout Chicago.

    Sign up today to stay informed on everything from weather-related emergencies to traffic alerts.

    Simple telephoneMy call about police activity in our south was sent in error by the Chicago Board of Emergency Situations and Communications on Monday afternoon.

    The alert was sent by mistake at 15:36. According to OEMC spokesman Stratton Bethany, each weekly routine testing of the gadget on phones is done within a mile of the guaranteed speed field. She said it made sure the warning was internal.

    Reading: Awareness “Test: CPD activity in your area. Stay indoors until further notice. OEMC in Chicago.”

    Residents of the Old City across the north side reported receiving a new message.

    emerengcy alert error chicago

    Another notification was sent by About oemc at 17:00. to fix the previous one.

    The warning read: “Ignore the CPD warning earlier about: activity throughout the territory. This test was not performed correctly. ”

    Stratton said the delivery centers in Chicago were immediately alerted that their first warning was a check and not an honest event.

    “We bring withMy apologies for the misunderstanding of the old * test * warning message about DPC lust in a region that was falsely reported. Please ignore your message, ”the OEMC tweet reads.

    Sorry for the confusion with the previous * test * alert showing CPD activity in the zone, which was sent incorrectly again. Please forget the message.

    – OEMC Chicago (@ChicagoOEMC) July 22, 2019

    SOUTH COAST. Chicagoans were surprised on Monday when a text message sent to their precious cell phones categorized them as “extreme warning” urging them to go into hiding, but police said it was not just one trial.


    At about 3:40 pm, cell phone users all over the city – from the South Bank to the city center – reported receiving the cryptic “Extreme Message: Alert: Test: CPD Measurements Near You.” Stay home until further notice. OEMC in Chicago. Other security measures, possibly depending on the carrier, indicate “emergency” rather than “last resort”.

    Chicago police spokesman Anthony Spikuzza said the warning was only an important check and did not confirm the advice many people received.

    On Twitter, locals expressed bewilderment about the warning, which began with “testing,” but continued with instructions on how to hide.

    “We apologize for the misunderstanding regarding the earlier * test * notification of receiving data on CPD activity in zone In, which was sent in error,” – said in a press release from the city’s Office of Emergency Situations and Communications. “Please ignore this message for now.”

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