Steps To Fix The Taskbar Icon Uninstall Vista

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    If you’ve removed Vista icons from the taskbar, the following guide may help you.

    Over time, you may see many invalid or old notification icons appearing on the taskbar, while the notification customization page or the specific “Select which icons to display on the system status bar” page appears with invalid or expired icons.

    Adapt notification dialog with old entries

    This article explains how to delete pastf and the current list items that appear in the Windows Notification Settings dialog box. The information and script here applies to all versions of Windows, including Windows 10.

    How To Remove Custom Notification Icons In Windows

    How do I remove icons from system tray?

    Open the Settings app.Click Personalization.Click on the taskbar.Click Turn icons on or off on the taskbar.Toggle the switch to On if you want the icon to appear on the taskbar, or click Off to hide the icon.

    Option 1: Remove Notification Characters Using Script

    Here is a VBScript (for Windows 7, Vista, 7 and 10) that will remove custom notification icons.

    1. Close running programs.
    2. Download
    3. Unzip the clear-notification-items.vbs script file and run it. It automatically removes notifications, restarts items, explorer shell.

      This is how the development of dialog notifications looks like (“Select the icons that appear in the notification area”) after removing obsolete entries.

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    4. 1. Download and install ASR Pro
    5. 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
    6. 3. Click "Repair" to start the restoration process

    Configure the notification dialog after uninstallation. Perhaps the programs will add their icons again. You can

    As you can see, all empty icons, catsome appeared on the left, have also been fixed. (Compare the Snagit icons.)

    Option 2. Set Up Deletion Of Notification Icons Manually

    Follow these steps to manually clear the list of items for configuring notifications using Registry Editor:

    1. Open the manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc
    2. Quit (do not restart) from a clean explorer shell normally. See Building Instructions for Windows Vista / 7, Windows 8 and 10.
    3. At some point, the taskbar and desktop icons will not be visible. Free Registry Editor ( regedit.exe )
    4. from the File menu in Task Manager.

    5. Go to the important branch in the registry editor:
       HKEY_CURRENT_USER  Software  Classes  Local Settings  Software  Microsoft  Windows  CurrentVersion  TrayNotify 
    6. Remove the IconStreams and PastIconsStream values.
    7. Close the registry editor.
    8. Move Explorer.exe from the file menu of this task manager. This will start highlighting Windows again.

    delete system tray icons vista

    The Windows Shell is the graphical user interface for a desktop system that runs on Microsoft Windows. Its main elements are workwich table, taskbar and start menu.

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    How do I clean up my system tray?

    How to clear the taskbar cache using CCleaner. Just select the Cleaner tab, then scroll down to Advanced, select Status Bar Notification Cache and run the Cleaner. Then restart the electronic computer.

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    delete system tray icons vista

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