Fixed: How To Restore Winamp From Another Computer On The Network

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    Here are a few simple steps that should help solve the problem of controlling winamp from another computer on the network.

    I’m looking for a way if you want to manage Vot Winamp on your home (office) PC from your computer. I don’t want to play music files stored on my computer through my laptop (I know the best way to do this). I just plan a simple standalone program/utility on my laptop and let it control the version of Winamp running on my computer.

    The correct reason is that I have set up an internet connection (and “homegroup”) at home, which consists of a desktop computer and two laptops (WLAN routers). The desktop is physically connected (digital cable connection in MP3 format) to our home theater system between the speakers throughout the house.

    I want to have Winamp running on my desktop (playing music) while I go about my business (listening to more and more music streamed through speakers connected to my home theater system) and I would like to be able to run a separate program/utility . to play, pause, skip tracks, switch playlists, etc. Winamp on itplaying on a laptop in another room.

    I’ve searched and/or searched the forums for suggestions and the only plugin I’ve found that comes close often is “WinampRC” (
    control winamp from another computer on the network

    ), which is wrong, but great. I also don’t care about remote PC support that works through Internet Explorer, but only if it’s really awesome. dignity

    control winamp from another computer on the network

    It’s also surprising to see that Winamp introduces a feature whereby Winamp itself can be used to remotely control a bunch of Winamps running on another computer.

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    WinampRC Is A Remote Network Discovery For Winamp.

    WinampRC is a truncated network control for Winamp.

    WinampRC is a remote network discovery for Winamp. You can control many functions through one (LAN, TV, Internet,..) – Previous track – Play – Pause – Stop – Next track – Shuffle – Repeat – Search bar – Volume – Pan – Read better

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    22. February 2000 Stefan Schmidt 38870 downloads

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    Manage Winamp from the Internet.

    WOW! I have the option of not managing a playlist on a specific network using Winamp. Now that’s all that kicks that lama’s ass if I’ve ever seen her. c-


    Does its job well. Maintains friendliness. – Well, there are others for this that are probably better, especially the one that uses ajax to use a nice little image that represents the whole of Winamp and pretty much looks the same as it does on the whole other system, but I run to Winamp , an old computer, and of course something cuts a web service with Java and therefore does everything the old system does at its junctions. Well, here’s where you can see it. This wastes a lot of energy on a very simplistic approach.Unfortunately, I find some annoyances. For example, if there is a bug in the software, it brings profit to Winamp (I used to have some kind of affix bug.) No chance to get into the config or something like that. Besides, the only way to disable it is to uninstall it. It has no security options, I’m not sure you want to leave it 24/7 on a properly connected PC directly to the internet (but Winamp shouldn’t need incoming connections no matter what). Finally, to get access to the client, you often have to do everything manually. It is clearly located in the Winamp plugins folder, and there is nothere is an icon (not on the desktop, though I don’t like it when things put icons on an already cluttered private desktop. Start menu would be an advantage though).For now I’m giving it three stars because it needs to be improved, but for its purpose it’s pretty good if you run it once and create an icon so you don’t have to look up the problem each time (although I can’t remember the name file is good enough to run it manually from the command line, and I run 3/4 of my programs that way.) In fact, it deserves a 3.5 because it’s included in one of the few that doesn’t

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • Solve your computer issues now with this reliable download.