How Can I Troubleshoot Axial Esc Issues?

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    This article will help you if you have an axial motor problem.

    Configuration And Programming ESC Axial AE-2

    How do you calibrate an axial AE 5?

    To calibrate the ESC, make sure your current transmitter is on and the throttle is in neutral. Connect the main battery to the ESC and pause for 3 seconds to allow the ESC to initiate a self test and automatic derating calibration. When the ESC wants to run, the main engine emits a long beep.

    Posted by Axial Staff, August 18, 2011

    1. Install the controller in a place with good ventilation, free from vibration and shock.

    3. Connect the receiver stage to the channel choke of your perfect receiver.

    4. Before inserting the battery into the ESC, make sure your own transmitter is turned on and the throttle trim is set to zero.

    5. Make sure the battery cables present on the ESC are properly connected: yellow to red and black to. ** Reverse polarity has a permanent negative effect on the controller **

    6. Connect the ESC to the battery life indicator when the ESC panels are in the off position.

    9. The controller emits a series of beeps through the engine, all LEDs are red.

    10. Continue to fully open the throttle until the ESC flashes green and emits a series of beeps to complete the full throttle phase at the end point.

    11. Once the ESC flashes red, press and hold the large brake / reverse.

    12. The ESC will emit a series of beeps while simultaneously emitting a “red” pulse to complete the reverse / braking end point.

    13. When the throttle valve returns to neutral, the ESC will cycle beeps to complete the normal point.

    14. The ESC will continuously emit the last series of beeps when the ESC is ready Confirm.

    15. Open the throttle to make sure the engine turns in the correct direction. To slow down the direction of rotation of a motor, switch wires are routed to that motor.

    axial esc troubleshooting

    1. If the ESC setting does not initialize while maintaining full throttle, try turning the reverse throttle switch on the main transmitter. Also check if your specific throttle trim is set to zero for you.

    3. Using “Castle Link” to access advanced options for this skill ESC.

    ** You can use higher voltage electricity like 3-7 cell NiCad / NiMH or lipo cell by installing “Castle BEC”.

    Here are some tips for programming ESC AE-2 Axial without a computer and even with “Castle Link”.

    You can manually adjust step 3 of the most important parameters while wearing the AE-2.

    Follow these steps to change the parameters of your Axial AE-2 ESC a without a computer.

    * Remove your own hardware before calibration and manual development for safety reasons! *

    STEP1. Start with the transmitter turned on and the controller turned off, not included in the battery.

    STEP 2: Connect ESC. While keeping the accelerator pedal on the transmitter fully depressed, immediately move the ESC switch to the ON position. In a few seconds you will receive, I would say, all four rings in series, signaling full throttle calibration. Continue posting at full capacity. After a few seconds, you will hear 5 more rings in a row. After the customer calls the group of four, move the throttle to neutral. If the person has successfully programmed the entry into the mode, the most important ESC will beep twice, pause and repeat both beeps.

    STEP 3: The programming sequence is always presented in sequential order and always starts with the first parameter (none) inside, I would say, the first section (power outage). The first beep indicates which section of your current schedule you are in, and the second beep usually indicates which parameter is waiting for a “yes” response and and even “no” without question. Exiting the options one by one, you must answer “yes” by holding the full decrease button, or “no” by holding the brake until the ESC receives the best answer by emitting a short beep. After accepting a great new answer, release the throttle to answer the next question. After accepting the correct answer with “No”, the ESC will present you with the next opportunity in this section. Once a true yes has been accepted, the ESC recognizes that you are not interested in any other option in this section, so it will move from the first option to the next later on.

    The following section describes all of the settings available to customers through manual programming and explains what to do to change the pauses in the ESC order based on your particular choice. The rest of the settings are available using the “Castle Link”.

    Determines the voltage at which this regulator will reduce or remove engine power in order to maintain minimum battery safety from time to time (lithium polymer cell voltageents), on the other hand, the radio system works reliably (nickel-cadmium / NiMH cells).

    Is the axial ae 2 ESC waterproof?

    Follow these steps to change the settings of the Axial AE-2 controller without a computer. STEP 1: Start with transmitter on and ESC off, and no battery connection. When you have successfully entered content mode, the ESC will beep 2 times, pause, and repeat several beeps.

    Does not interrupt or limit the motor due to low current. Do not use with lithium polymer packaging!

    Use this setting ONLY with NiCad or NiMH batteries. If the journey continues, the radio system can no doubt stop pulsing the servo controller in a pinch and the vehicle will spin out of control.

    axial esc troubleshooting

    This situation allows switching between 2 3 batteries and LiPo Smart batteries without having to update the cut-off voltage for each person. The ESC automatically sets its own cut-off voltage for a 2 or 3 cell unit when that unit is connected.

    Determines the magnitude of the simulated neutral acceleration brake based on the end result of slightly idling the neutral brush motor.

    The vehicle is driven from engine neutral with the throttle lever with little or no resistance.

    Very weak Thor sensationengine motions at base acceleration

    Low braking effect of the main engine with neutral gas

    Determines if the opposite is allowed, and in particular how to access it.

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  • This atmosphere only allows reverse gear to be used if the ESC detects two in neutral. Use it for practice races and beating, but ask your race director and see if this setting is appropriate for real-life races.

    Use this parameter to find current sanctioned races. In some cases, reverse gear should not be available with this setting.

    Reverse or forward gear is always available after braking at zero engine speed.

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