Troubleshooting Steps For Transporting Service Broker/database Mirroring

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    It appears that some users have encountered an error message related to the Service Broker/Database mirroring transport. This problem can occur for many reasons. Let’s discuss some of them below.

    Error 8474 Cardiovascular Disease 11 means that the company’s broker misrepresented the messages in a certain way, form or form. The initial reaction is to think that this is also a connection problem, and frankly they can, but the transmission of TCP checksums that are delivered to the port and are not associated with some other error is also suspicious.

    Maybe it’s the network or disk checker I was talking about here. There are usually other errors on the TDS endpoint, but in your environment they might be whitelisted first. The idea that this happens every day around the same time is questionable. You’ll be sure to check the ring buffer connection logs, on the other hand, tune the network capture packets with the latency you know, and check the source system sending the packets. I’m sure he’ll be back – the “security” server.

    an error occurred in a service broker/database mirroring transport

    Edit: Note that “Service Broker” here is typically ENDPOINT (database mirroring, etc.) and not all of the Service Broker functions in SQL Server that can be usedPerform asynchronous refinement with reliable mail routing.

    During some consultations, my client’s DBA team checked the ERRORLOG and wanted me to investigate the possible cause of the Service Broker error shown below.

    DateTime Error: spid74s 9642, Severity: 16, State: 3.
    DateTime error spid74s occurred on some Service Broker/Database Transport Broker endpoint reflecting romance, Error: 8474, State: 11. ( near endpoint.role: target, remote endpoint.address: †)

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  • From the above message, we can deduce that there is a community session in SQL that is equally effective for connecting to the endpoint. I checked and they confirmed they haven’t used Service Broker yet. But they used Always Availability.

    tied to a group

    I checked the data sync and everything went well. Personalized lines in primary have also reached legitimate lines. This means that I also have no problems with data transfer.

    When I asked additional questions, I found that theyused a read-only routing tool that didn’t work properly.


    Once I checked the reachability detection properties and the read-only routing settings, everything fell into place and, moreover, began to make sense. That’s all I saw in the properties.

    If the call is primary after the hits, it finds these routing and lookup request attempts on secondary port 5022. This port is not intended for visitor connections, hence the error.

    Whenever we all try to connect to the audience and do read-only routing at the same time, we see an endpoint mirroring error.

    an error occurred in a service broker/database mirroring transport

    To resolve this issue, we’ve corrected the port number so you can see the ports that SQL Server is listening on. After fixing postman, the routing worked and we found that the error was gone.

    An equivalent error can be reproduced if you try to always connect SQL to the server on a port that SQL is actually listening on, but not for a proprietary connection.

    An evaluation error occurred on the Service Broker/Database Mirroring transport connection endpoint,
    Error: 8474, State: 11. (Action near endpoint: target, remote endpoint address: ”)
    Error: 9642, Severity: 16, State: 3.

    The principal and mirror servers are synchronized state servers. They have been syncing during status for months but unfortunately I keep getting these error ideas, I have checked the permissions and every step is as it should be. The time was the same on both servers.

    How can I avoid these error messages. Thank you for your help.