Actions To Eliminate Access Violation At Address 10002593 In The Module

Here are some simple steps that can help you solve the problem of access violation to the address 10002593 in the module.

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    Access To The Violation By Calling The Address 10002593 In The LIBMYSQL.dll Module

    Problems with the XAMPP version on Windows, questions, compliments and everything related to it.

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    Intrusion Access At 10002593 In Element ‘LIBMYSQL.dll’


    My name is Pierre Truong, after a week of no problems with my personal XAMPP 1.6.5. I get an email every time Windows starts my new session. Apache starts, Mysql is loaded, WinMySQLAdmin appears for 2 seconds and an error message of the following content appears: Access violation with patch 10002593 in LIBMYSQL.dll module ‘. Read at home address 00000000.

    So, I have to kill the “MysqlAdmin” process in the “Task Manager” to really avoid multiple error messages.

    My XAMPP version is 1.6.5

    Everyone knows how to fix this error or disable the automatic start of mysqladmin.

    Thank you

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    By the way – winmysqladmin is no longer being deprecated – invest in phpMyAdmin or the mysqladmin control line instead.

    Does anyone know how to fix this or disable this special mysqladmin autostart

    Certain functions manage to permanently delete or comment out this IPv6 element.

    :: 1 localhost
    # :: 1 localhostC: Windows system32 drivers etc hostsTo enhance this file, simply drag and drop a text editor into your file.

    Others find success tweaking their installed software – see the search results below to find out more …

    Autostart problems:

    In Windows Personal Services, find the items you want to disable, which almost always work like a business, by right-clicking the item and adding

    Specifications’Management”Defective’Start selection type
    Start> Administrative Tools> Services
    Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services
    Start off
    C: Documents and Settings user_here Start Menu Programs Autostart
    C: Documents and Settings All Users Start Menu Programs Startup

    for all progs. which runs on startup and just removes duplicate content from the directory.

    Start> Run …>msconfigGoodSystem Configuration Tool

    Research Council

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  • There have already been several correct posts with the same problem and hence a search in the forum:

    XAMPP for WindowsApache Friends in Englishviolation

    might give you some results to think about.


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    :) :)

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    XAMPP Win2k Experimented With LIBMYSQL.dll

    I solved the exact problem.

    But Izzy, you said, “By the way – winmysqladmin is no longer used because it is deprecated – use phpMyAdmin or the mysqladmin handle instead.”

    is great! but I have not currently copied faylt is in the boot process so we know how it got there … Maybe a small part of XAMPP copied a lot of files at some point or Windows?

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    Resolve Libmysql.dll Problem

    You are visiting this tech blog, which is essential for solving the MySQL crisis. He specifically deals with the problem.

    You usually find the type my.Setup-ini in the WinMySQLAdmin 1.4 help and change my.ini to disable the password.

    5. Remove the next occurrence of the word “password” (after my “=” sign).

    Error pop-ups may well stop. it worked for me. If anyone sees any problems with these secrets, let me know.

    Jean Jacques
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    Thank You Caspian

    Hi caspian1, the patch worked great, but I had to wonder if you know what exactly the problem was and how the patch usually works.

    I like to find out, hthen i do. Where I am.

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    Topic: Fixing A New Problem With Libmysql.dll

    caspian1 wrote:

    You can find a solution to the MySQL problem in this tech blog. This teaches the problem specifically. Basically you need to change my.Setup ini file in WinMySQLAdmin 1.4 tool and also how my … ini by removing the password. to run> download for all purposes

    2>. Select WinMySQLAdmin

    3. Click the “my.ini configuration” tab

    4. Find a phrase with a password

    5. Delete the new entry “Password” (after these “=” symbols)

    6. Click Save Changes


    Unwanted error resolved. it worked for me. If anyone finds a problem with this method please report it to others.

    caspian1 wrote:

    You can find a solution to the entire MySQL problem in our tech blog. He specifically solves the problem.

    access violation at address 10002593 in module Basically you need to change my.Setup ini in toolnte WinMySQLAdmin 1.4 and type my .ini. by deleting the password.

    5. enter the second “password” (after the “=” sign)

    Unwanted error resolved. It worked for me. If anyone sees a problem with this method, let me know personally.

    Julio Figueres
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    Topic: Access Violation At In-course Address 10002593 ‘LIBMYSQL.Have Dll’

    i Vista Business, and receive access violation reports. I stopped WinMySQLAdmin in order to push back pending violations. When I try to use WinMySQLAdmin to move the ini file, I get your messages again and cannot make changes to fix a similar issue with Raggapants. Without looking anywhere else, I can find a file called “my.ini” to update in the kitchen.
    Do you have any suggestions?

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    Object: Access Quote For Address 10002593 In Component LIBMYSQL.

    I have a problem … when I edit each ini file with winmysqladmin, I get emails again and cannot do the opposite, as is the case with Raggapants. I can’t find a good file called “my.ini” anywhere that I can edit.

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    Object: Address Access Violation In Module 10002593 ‘LIBMYSQL.

    : roll:

    Winmysqladmin would actually be a tool that needs to be designed to work with a standalone MySQL installation. Hence, it may or may not display results in all cases during XAMPP installation. (since XAMPP is PC neutral) I think this will be especially good, but not an extreme guarantee

    access violation at address 10002593 in module

    Do you have TWO MySQL installations on one computer ??? :?:

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